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More of my Curious Cooking

I adore a culinary adventure in the Strip District neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA. It's a treasure of small, family-owned markets, from Asian to Mediterranean, so fun to explore. Recently, I tried out five new recipes with items from Bulgaria, Crete, Cyprus, and Romania. For items like honey or olive oil, you could still use your familiar ones. But I like the nuanced flavors and textures that these varieties bring to the table. Hope you try something new for yourself, and enjoy.

Download Recipes Here!


The floral notes of honey along with ginger and lemon create the perfect finish to crispy breaded, then oven/air fryer baked cauliflower bites. Also, try the honey glaze on roasted carrots or chicken wings. So good! Download Recipes Here


The traditional Dakos salad from Crete starts with a Cretan Rusk as a base. If you are unfamiliar with Rusks, they are twice-baked bread slices, similar to thick melba toast or a crouton. For the salad, Rusks are layered with grated tomato, then a chucky vegetable salad and crumbly Greek cheese. A refreshing summer lunch! Download Recipes Here


This quick preparation uses a healthy amount of quality Greek olive oil. The shrimp are seasoned, then sautéed for just 1-2 minutes in the oil before being turned, covered, and then finished with a squeeze of lemon. Oregano shrimp are the perfect quick-cook protein. Enjoy! Download Recipes Here

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