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Highlighting Star Produce: Tomatoes, Zucchini, Corn

As we enter the highs of summer gardening and local farmers market, wonderful abundance surrounds us. Sometimes, we may have a bit too much of something, and need a quick recipe to make good use of excess. Here are my favorite salads that do just that. Enjoy!


German Tomato Salad, Tomatensalat! Easy and perfect for a quick side dish of small cherry or grape size tomatoes. This no-cook salad pairs sweet tomatoes with a tangy dry mustard dressing and chives. A great way to use up abundance from the garden or market, and a delicious flavor combination. Enjoy!

Recipes here!


(Adapted from My favorite Shaved Zucchini Salad is loaded with fresh mint and basil, perfectly cool and refreshing during summer. A simple lemon spiked dressing, shreds of parmesan, and chopped pistachios round out salty and crunchy notes in this easy, no-cook zucchini ribbon salad. Enjoy!

Recipes here!


This fresh corn and halloumi salad is reminiscent of Elote. The sweet corn kernels balance with the buttery chew of browned halloumi cheese. Add more lime or chiles to adjust to your taste, and eat it anyway you like. Maybe this isn’t a salad as much as it is a warm side dish. Enjoy!

Recipes here!

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